Why Should I Run the Hot Water Before Starting the Dishwasher

Dear Home Ec 101, I have always followed my Mom's advice about running hot water in the kitchen sink before (and while) turning my dishwasher on. She also says that if you run the cold water at any point while your dishwasher is running, the water in your dishwasher will be cold. My husband recently replaced our sink and garbage disposal and … [Read more...]

More on Mildew – The Basement Is Damp

Dear Home Ec 101, When I am in the basement, my allergies kick in, immediately, with all the typical allergy symptoms! It may be associated with dampness in an 1880's basement. We keep it very clean, and no moisture seems to be present, except on a wall or two in which the paint is affected. Signed, Sneezing in Snelling Heather … [Read more...]

The Hard Water Headache

Dear Home-Ec 101, I was visiting my MIL recently and she told me that they have hard water, so she had to put a lot of extra soap in the washer because otherwise she didn't get any bubbles and it wouldn't clean the laundry. This confuses me because I always thought you weren't supposed to have a lot of foam in the washer. I've read articles … [Read more...]

Nest Generation 2 Thermostat Review – Not Sponsored

New Nest Working

Heather says After becoming very frustrated with my so called programmable thermostat the first chilly morning of the year, I said to heck with this and bought a Nest Learning Thermostat - 2nd Generation T200577. This has been a purchase I was procrastinating after the expense of my move this summer, but I finally reached the critical mass of … [Read more...]

How to Care for Acrylic Flooring

Heather says: Not too long ago on Facebook, I got a question about acrylic flooring that had become cloudy. First I want to note that acrylic is a broad chemical term that simply means made of polymers or resins. So acrylic flooring can come in many forms, but in general people either mean linoleum,  laminate, or Pergo style flooring. … [Read more...]