Soap News: Microbeads and the Environment

Heather says

We spend a lot of time on here talking about cleaning things. Today those things will include you. A few years ago I mentioned the Voluntary Ban on Phosphorous in Automatic Dishwasher Detergent. While I don’t think this particular bill that will ban the use of microbeads in personal care products by 2018 will have quite the same effect, I thought I should mention it.

Staying on top of Everything?

Dear Home-Ec 101,

I came across your site from checking your book out on Amazon.  I love how you give every day a certain task or chore or area to clean.  I did not grow up in a home where I had regular chores. 

Why Won’t My Gas Grill Get Hot?

Dear Home-Ec 101,

The other night I decided to grill burgers, but I couldn’t get my gas grill to get hot. It was extremely frustrating and I ended up cooking my burgers under the broiler (with a lot of spite and bitterness, I might add).

How Do I Keep Long Hair from Clogging the Vacuum?

Dear Home-Ec 101,

Okay so the long hair isn’t exactly clogging the vacuum, it’s all over the brush thingy and doesn’t work as well. What can I do to stop this from happening, it’s a pain in the butt.

Lovin’ my Locks

Heather says

I feel your long-haired pain.

The Freezer Was Left Open, Now What?

Dear Home-Ec 101,

My youngest decided to get a popsicle from my deep freezer and didn’t bother to make sure the door was closed. I know not to eat the meat products since I am not sure if they thawed and refroze, but what about the veggies?

How Often Do I Have to Vacuum Anyway?

Dear Home Ec 101,

How often should you vacuum? I want to know to settle a debate and I’m going to have to vacuum my friend’s place if I’m wrong. And can you tell us WHY I’m right?


I May Be OCD but at Least my Carpet Tracks are Straight

Heather says:

Friendly wagers on cleaning rules? 

Easy Grilled Foil Vegetable Packets

Heather says:

Get ready to grill.  Today we’re using foil packets to to turn a pile of vegetables into a fantastic summer side dish. Actually if you look at the portions, the grilled vegetables were the main feature. I would like, at least while we’re rolling in produce, for you to consider treating vegetables as your main dish.

To Rinse or Not, That is the Dishwasher Loading Question

Dear Home-Ec 101,

My Mom, love her, former home ec teacher, but not strong as a housekeeper…recently I was at her house and as always the sink was full of dirty dishes. Just dishes, no water. So, I wanted to fill it with hot soapy water and the dishes , to have them soak a bit.

Hurricane Season 2014

Heather says:

The official start to Hurricane Season was yesterday, June 1, 2014. Last year I had so much happen that I feel very lucky not to have to had any hurricanes even pose a threat.

This year, I’m taking stock and getting ready, not because I expect a hurricane but because emergency preparedness is an important life skill and one of the many “shoulds” I couldn’t manage last year.

Lowcountry Boil

It’s Memorial Day weekend in the US. Spend time with your loved ones and remember those who sacrificed so we could spend this time together. The recipe below is a classic great for get-togethers with the framily [sic].

Heather says:

Making Low Country Boil is a time honored tradition in the South.