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Household Oddities And Axioms: WTH?

Ivy says: I’ve been thinking about all the household axioms: you know, cliches or “old wives tales”. I find some of them highly suspect and/or amusing. Let’s take a look: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Well, yeah, some of them could die or something. But if you don’t count at all, how do…

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Making Things Last Longer

Ivy says: Okay, Home Eccers, let’s tap into your sources of wisdom. I want to know how you make things last longer. I’ll give a couple of examples: laundry detergent caps always have three lines to tell you how much to put in, and the bottom one is usually sufficient, but hard to see. So…

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Saturday Sobfest: Curing The Hangover

Ivy says: Facebook and Twitter tells me that some of my pals who went to BlogHer are now suffering from hangovers. I’ve not been to BlogHer, but I’ve sure been the recipient of more than a few hangovers. Angelic Ivy says “Everything in moderation, kids. Don’t drink until you’re drunk.” But we all know I’m…

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