A Home Ec 101 Heads Up

Heather says:

I know it’s Monday and we usually talk about food or menus, but bear with me, we’re doing it a little differently today. Three posts in one day is not the norm around here, just hang tight, there’s potentially something in it for you. Yes, you.

I was minding my own business the other morning when a friend alerted me to what looks like a very interesting online sewing course. I took a moment and contacted Leigh-Ann of Freckled Nest to learn a little bit more. After talking to her, it sounded like it would be of interest to Home Ec 101 readers, as sewing is an area I have yet to tackle.

While the name may look very familiar I want to note that this Home Ec course is not in any way affiliated with Home Ec 101, nor do I receive any referral fees. I just thought it would be of interest to some Home Ec 101 readers.

The course is $60 and runs for 5.5 weeks. Don’t worry you don’t have to go at the instructors’ pace, all of the information will be available to participants for a full year. The course includes 3 guides, 26 project tutorials, each with a new sewing technique, 2 videos, and 3 lives chats -for questions

Here is a quick preview of some of the projects covered by the course.

The course is taught by:

Leigh-Ann Keffer of Freckled Nest.
Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave.
Courtney Tucker of Courtney Janelle Sews

Registration is now open and the class begins on August 10th.  If you do sign up, let me know how it goes. I would also like to know if you would be interested in hearing about similar courses in the future.


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  2. caryn verell on August 3, 2010 at 1:12 pm

    one of the best kept secrets for learning new skills, be it sewing, canning, cooking, crafts, whatever is to go to your local county extension service (many of them have a county home economist). these are the folks that do 4-H, homemakers clubs, county fairs and rodeos, and help with agriculture and many education programs etc…and guess what-much of the help/lessons etc…are free and lots of fun!

  3. Leigha Baer on August 2, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    I like the idea very much. I've been able to learn a lot of other things exactly the same way using lessons on video so I don't see why someone wouldn't be able to learn sewing with tutorials and videos. I love learning with video so I can watch and pause the video to make sure I've understood all the instructions.

    I'm not personally interested in this class but I'd love to hear about more online learning opportunities in the Home Ec niche. Keep em coming Heather.


  4. Phillip on August 2, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    pretty neat! they need to make one targeted to men, Man-Ec 101 or something like that . Bachelor survival 101

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