$50 Visa Gift Card From Home Ec 101 And Scott Common Sense Winner!

Ivy says:

And, we have a winner for the $50 Visa gift card! Congratulations to:

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Lucky number 33! That’s JimK, from MadeOfAwesome.net! Congrats, Jim, I’ll be in touch to get your contact info!

Many thanks to Scott Common Sense for sponsoring this giveaway. If you haven’t checked out the website, yet, Home Eccers, be sure to. It’s a good one, with lots of great tips and info. And you can register and give your own tips as well!

Finally, I hate “topping” Heather’s beautiful post this morning- if you haven’t seen it yet, go now. Mmmm. Sausage, peppers, and onions. Sounds tasty.


  1. says

    I love that you link to tips like these! Thank you. I enjoy working to promote ShoreBank (http://shorebankdirect.sbk.com/) because of the energy they put back into the local Chicago community (and the world at large). I also like that the bank has an environmental focus. I thought your readers might like a high-yield savings account with 3.5% interest and a conscience.

  2. JimK says

    Holy what the! I popped in after missing the site for a couple of days (I was…uhh…busy. Not at all wasting many, many hours obsessively reading a series of scifi novels or anything) and I find this?

    Very cool. And a very good time for me as well. It was an expense-filled summer.

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