2 reader tips and an ask the audience in a pear tree

Ivy says:

I am slowly recovering from the plague a sinus infection, so this is a catching-up, of sorts. First, we have this link from reader Kathy T– “Test Your Grime IQ.” I’m guessing I’m pretty smart- I missed only one. And I’d like to protest that one, at that. 😉

The next thing on the agenda is a money saving tip from commenter Jax, for people who are lucky enough to have Publix grocery stores (we do! I love it!):

There’s a rebate at Publix valid through 6/29/08 in AL, TN, GA, FL, and SC.  Buy $20 of participating ConAgra foods and get a $25 Home Depot gift card by mail-in rebate.  They even provide a post-paid envelope.  The forms were behind the service desk at my location in Florida, and the booklet even has a manufacturer’s coupons for a few of the items.  This is a great chance to stock up on some basics for hurricane season.

Nice deal! I could use some Home Depot money!

Finally, I saw reader Shauna earlier this week and she asked me this question that I thought would be a great ask the audience. Her question was this: If you spill a jar of pickles in the grocery store, you let them know, they clean it up, right? But what do you do if you accidentally knock produce off on the floor- especially things that bruise, like apples? Do you pick them up and put them back, or should you let an employee know about the apples that ended up on the floor and are potentially bruised?

I thought this was a good question. I know whenever I knock produce items off on the floor (and it’s with some frequency, as I’m clumsy), I put it back but feel bad for potential unsuspecting customers who might end up with my floor produce.

So, what do you do, Home Eccers? Surely someone here knows what’s the correct etiquette.


  1. Brent Patton on July 28, 2009 at 11:16 am

    Very nice article thanks for sharing I’m learning alot from your postings thanks

  2. Natalie on June 6, 2008 at 11:21 pm

    Well, first of all, your blog title had me picturing your readers perched in a pear tree…but anyway… 😉

    I agree with Mom of Three…that the produce has most likely been pretty well mistreated anyway. If I drop something I put back carefully, off to the side if it’s obviously damaged.

    Hopefully people are going to look over their produce before they buy it anyway, and will see if it’s damaged.

    And of course, WASH IT! :p Because some where along the line it probably picked up some germs.

  3. Emily on June 6, 2008 at 8:18 pm

    That would be why you wash your produce WELL when you get it home. There’s no telling who has dropkicked it across the department, sneezed/hacked etc on it.

  4. Mom of three on June 6, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    About the fruit, I figure if it traveled from some country in the Caribbean, where it was pushed off the tree with a front loader into a box, was shipped to a holding tank for the grocery store, shipped to the local store’s back dock, stored there and probably moved around a few times, unloaded by a teenage stock boy dumping the box upside down into another box, one more fall to the floor isn’t going to hurt it much. But if it’s in good shape other than my drop, then I just buy it. If it’s already bruised, I set it aside so that others can see it’s no good. But the stock boy probably just puts it right back.

    It’s a wonder it’s edible at all.

  5. Mom of three on June 6, 2008 at 12:38 pm

    Well, I missed the mop question, but I disagree with the answer. I use a mop head for the bathrooms and another for the rest of the house and then wash them in hot water after use. I would think that would be far more sanitary than any sponge mop.

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