Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip HE101

 Heather says:Buffalo chicken dip is a favorite around here. It's also ridiculously simple and worth knowing how to make in case you're ever invited to a sportsball  potluck type event. Go team go.I've had buffalo chicken on the brain recently and I was poking around Plain Chicken -a client from my day job and remembered that I've been ...

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Laundry Lessons: Colors Bright and Whites White

How to keep your colors bright

Dear Home-Ec 101,It seems lately my whites or mostly whites have been coming out dingy and faded. I don't want to use bleach on them because a lot of them have colored sections as well. What can I do to keep the whites sparkling without taking effecting the rest of the color on these garments? And what can I do to prevent the dinginess before ...

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How to Clean Air Vents / Registers That Cannot Easily Be Removed

How to easily keep your grilles, vents, and fans clean.

Hello -When our house was built, the builder sealed all the air vents leading from the HVAC systems out into the house with something resembling the sealer around the top of the baseboards.I have never lived in a house where I could not remove those vents, clean them and them put them back up.Removing the vents by breaking the seal is ...

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Menu Monday – I’ve been busy

Menu Plan Monday

Heather says,I hope everyone had a great weekend. If you visit the site itself, you may notice some changes. I switched to a more mobile friendly menu which should make reading on phones a bit easier. I also finally, after 8 years, found a real solution to my how do I organize the recipes in a way that makes sense problem. It's a large project ...

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There’s Mildew on My Seatbelts, What Do I Do?

How to Clean a Mildewed Seat Belt

Hi Home-Ec101, I have been following your site for a while and am super excited about how well the chore chart is helping around my place; it has made a huge difference! Anyway, I have an odd question, I have an older car that was in storage for about three years, and in that time the upholstery got moldy and had to be replaced. But in the mean ...

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