Off-Topic: Checking In

Hey there, I hope all of you are well. I know things have been pretty quiet here on the site. Initially, things were just getting quite busy at work, but one thing is never enough. Very recently my father was in the ICU with sepsis, but he’s home and doing much better. That unexpected trip…

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How Does Your Water Affect Your Laundry?

Hard Water and Iron in the Laundry

Dear Home-Ec 101, I have well water and found out that using bleach in the wash will turn my cloths brownish. And yes they have become dingy and not as bright.  What can I use, if anything, to make them white again or keep this from happening again to newer cloths I get? And also…

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Removing Peanut Butter from Nubby Upholstery/Fabric

How to remove spilled peanut butter from nubby fabric

Dear Home-Ec101, My husband dripped peanut butter on our nubby weave couch and rubbed it in when he tried to clean it off. Can you tell me and your readers how to get messes like this out without further ruining the upholstery? Signed, Excuse the Mess, We Just Live Here I dream of the day when…

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Help, how do I get rid of drain flies?

How to get rid of drain flies, once and for all.

Dear Home-Ec 101, I have three window wells in my finished basement.  I am forever finding little black dead flies.  I have sprayed, thrown gallons of bleach and ammonia down the window wells.  In the window wells I found something like yellow cocoons that I think they have built.  There were several in each well. …

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How Much Vinegar Should I Use in the Laundry?

How much vinegar should you use instead of fabric softener in a high efficiency washing machine?

Dear Home-Ec 101, I read your information on why liquid fabric softener causes stains on dark clothing and that you use white vinegar instead. I have a front loading machine. How do I add the vinegar and how much? Sincerely, Washing in Walhalla Dear W.W., To add the vinegar to your washer, use either the…

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Wilted Spinach Salad with Peppered, Candied Bacon

Spinach Salad with Candied Bacon

Spinach salad: 6oz fresh baby spinach 1/2 sweet or red onion sliced thinly 1 granny smith apple cored and cut into bite size pieces (if you are making this ahead of time, store in cold water with lemon juice to prevent browning) 4 hard boiled eggs cut into wedges 7 slices candied peppered bacon Toss…

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Home-Ec101 is turning 10 and it’s about to get personal. If you don’t want to know the back story, we’ll see you next week. We could just talk about the numbers, more than 16 million people have visited and read more than 30 million pages of this site. I can no longer wrap my head…

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Can I Mix [cleaning product] with Bleach

Household chemicals can be dangerous if used incorrectly wants you to keep your home clean and more importantly safe

Dear Home Ec 101, I love your site! Love the 50’s look! I want to mop with bleach once a month to help keep our grout white, but mopping with bleach and water does not seem to clean the floor well. Your site came up when I googled which cleaners/soaps can safely be mixed with…

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Tackling Difficult Stains on a Smooth Top Stove

How to clean a very stained smooth top range

Dear Home Ec 101, I am well acquainted with the razor blade to clean the dried food spots on my smooth-top stove; however, there are “places” on my stove that cannot be felt with the fingers, and there is nothing to scrape with the razor blade, they’re just mars, I guess. I have a less…

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How to Fix Dye Stains in the Dryer

How to remove denim stains from the dryer

Dear Home-Ec 101, I’ve noticed inside the drum of my dryer that there are blue and gray streaks, they look like they are from jeans. How do I get rid of these stains in my clothes dryer? Sincerely, Blue in Bluffton Heather says The simplest thing you can do is to close the dryer door…

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Wash the Walls, Really?

Washing walls before painting helps the new paint adhere better, saving time and effort

Dear Home Ec 10, My living room desperately needs to be painted and I’ve rounded up a few friends willing to help sell their time for beer and pizza.  I really want to do this right, is it true that I have to wash the walls before I paint? Signed, Short-Cut Shelby   Heather says: Look at…

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Menu Monday Week 4

Heather says We keep on keeping on. Life got away from us over the last couple of weeks, but it’s the 4th Monday of 2017 and that means a brand new chance to get on track. We have joined a local CSA*, which means we receive a weekly dividend of vegetables. We have limited choice…

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Menu Monday Week 2

Heather says A few *ahem* years ago I had a teacher whose catchphrase was “Monitor and adjust”. It was her way of having a plan, but rolling with the punches and not going completely off the rails just because life isn’t playing the way you think it should.  Last week was one of those weeks…

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